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DIN Rails & Accessories DIN Rails & Accessories

This series of DIN Rail is for industrial application according to the standard EN 60715 with third generation of Cr3 +Passivation (TDR3-Series) for improved corrosion resistance and SST stability of 350Hrs.

Wiring Ducts - Premium Wiring Ducts - Premium

Trinity Touch provides international availability and support for demanding wire management solution.

Cable Glands & Accessories Cable Glands & Accessories

To give customers ease of availability, technical-support and economical prices we are pleased  to announce our new range of cable glands. This new range sold under the brand name of Trinity Touch.

Solderless Terminals Solderless Terminals

Solderless Terminals are required for reliable connections and providing proper insulation in application where connections are in closed proximity

Thermal Management Thermal Management

Our Thermal Management range of products offers a complete solution of heating, cooling or temperature control with more valuable contents in cabinets or boxes being used to day to day. The correct balance of temperature, clean air and humidity is very important. This will improve efficiency, product life and will also decrease functional errors. The product range uses equipment such as sophisticated thermoelectric coolers to high density filters. The products are all designed and made in Germany to adhere to very high standards.